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  1. For the last five or six years gold has beat the stock market each year.With the Fed solving financial problems by throwing more money at it that should continue this year and maybe next.

  2. OK, when did you start the political coverage again, and why didn’t anyone tell me?
    Who would have thought that all those rappers with the gold bling were actually making a wise investment?
    At the same time, now is not the time to invest in gold. Currently gold is costing way too much. Buy a 55gal drum of oil and sit on it. There is a real demand for oil, unlike gold. And then when we are paying $5/ gallon for gas, sell. Take the profits and fill your SUV’s tank.

  3. Well friends…. that picture is worth about 10% less today than it was the day I took it. LOL!!!
    But Pan (nice to see you!!!) — I was about to get excited about your drum-furniture idea, but DH tells me crude oil smells REALLY bad.

  4. Do you expect gold to go up another 50% in value this year? ($650+($650 x 0.50))=$975
    Or even make it up to $1100?
    Personally I expect it to drop back down to $300-$450 over the next year to 18 months.

  5. Hmmm…. dunno. I can remember a time when it was 1/3 of what it is today, too — but I can also remember $10 / barrel oil.
    The joy of gold (in coins), though, is if the entire system collapses, it’s still going to be usable as currency. At least, that’s my thinking.
    Not sure what I could do with a barrel of oil. :>

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