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  1. Back during primary season, McCain struck me as the Republican least likely to run the sort of campaign we’re seeing now. It’s surprising and disappointing. That at this late hour he seems to be realizing that maybe whipping people into a bloodthirsty mob who wan to kill his opponent is a bad idea doesn’t really redeem him.
    I never thought I’d see a presidential race where people screamed “Kill him” while candidates stood by and watched it happen. I never thought I’d see that from a McCain campaign. Life is full of unpleasant surprises.

  2. As bad as this seems, it is probably not the worst that has ever happened. At least, we are divided up along the lines of Red and Blue, rather than Blue and Gray… Seriously, I would maintain that the 1860 election was far more contentious for the country than this one will ever be.
    That being said, I think it behooves us all to dial back the rhetoric a notch or 10. After all, we survived 4 years of Jimmy Carter, we survived 8 years of Bill Clinton – surely an Obama presidency won’t mean the downfall of the Republic!

  3. John, I agree — I didn’t expect this out of John McCain either. And I’m not trying to absolve him here. I’m trying to point out that there’s a very real emotion underpinning what these folks are feeling, and that emotion is what has to be addressed somehow. Not the anger, but the fear.
    EdT, that’s exactly the long view people should take.

  4. Polimom,
    It is true that the daily tracking polls have drifted towards Obama over the last two weeks, as the epic financial sector meltdown of our time has played out. Many Dems think this means the election is already over and Obama has it won; many Repubs are fearful that they are right. However, Michael van der Galien posts the last eight weeks of poll data broken out by self-described political orientation.
    Other than both party bases ‘coming home’ as the election draws near, I am hard pressed to find a major change in the preferences of the sub-groups. It is difficult to see how the overall lead is changing so much, unless the weighting of the subgroups is also changing. What it comes down to for The Master, is that the election hasn’t happened yet, and it will be determined by which subgroups actually show up to vote.
    Obama may very well win this thing, and he may win big. However, after possibly the two worst weeks imaginable for a candidate from the incumbent president’s party, to be trailing by only a few percentage points should be disturbing to the Dems, and offer at least a shred of hope to the Repubs.
    “It ain’t over ’til it’s over!”

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