Jitters and nerves (Updated)

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  1. Take care Poli. We’re seeing wind here already and the whole city is having a collective nervous breakdown in the midst of an uneasy sigh of relief that Ike isn’t hitting us full force. I hate the feeling of being glad it’s not coming here but miserable that you guys will have to deal with it. Please be careful. I’ll chk for your updates on twitter.

  2. Hey there Slate! Well, we’ve had a lot of misses over here. Our number was bound to come up sometime.
    I’m pretty optimistic at the moment, though, that the storm will be less than feared. Surge, though, looks horrendous — they’re in trouble along the coast…

  3. Yes, I think they are. And there was some really sensational article somewhere (don’t ask where, I”ve been obsessive all day about this) saying those on the coast faced “certain death.” Terrible. Hope the evac from Houston goes better this time than last. New post over at nolaslate if you want to see it. Bet you could add to the “Gulf Coast Definitions.” Keep tweeting so we know you’re okay if you can.

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