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  1. I think you have to look at actual policy positions (not that you hear much about them during a campaign) and frankly, describing either Clinton or Obama as “hard left” seems kind of nuts. Clinton has been an incredibly business-friendly Senator (one of the reasons she’s been successful there) and what’s held up as her big “socialist” idea, health care, is by any leftist terms incredibly timid – it leaves the entire for-profit health insurance apparatus (and the incredibly expensive for-profit bureacracy that comes with it) intact. (I don’t think any of this is necessarily a bad thing; it makes her someone who is pretty in tune with what the public wants.)
    Look, the Nation’s going to endorse someone, and it’s obvious tha Clinton and Obama are their choices. Just iike very conserative groups and publications are going to endorse somebody, and it’ll be McCain or Romney – both of whom are conservative, but generally not extremely conservative.
    Given that most people don’t even know much about substantive policy positions fo candidates, I doubt that these endorsements are going to mean much to anyone beyond the specific audiences they address.

  2. Obama may seem tough to figure out but not really. He’s a candidate that says nothing, stands for nothing and will do nothing.

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