What does Miss Manners say about hangings?

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  1. Probably the best things the Iraqis can do is get rid of the monster – as long as he lives, there is the chance he might wind up free, and back in power.
    OTOH, there is no need for me to, like, watch the execution or anything. I’ll just take the word of the MSM (and the blogosphere, of course) that it actually happened.

  2. I guess this is event is a really good example of how different our world is right now from those living in Iraq. If Brian Williams tells me that Saddam was executed today by hanging, I take his word for it and go on about my day. In Iraq, they have a very real need to see the hanging and then picture evidence of the actual body before they believe he is actually dead.
    For some reason, parts of our media seem to confuse these two worlds for wanting to be thorough. I think they may lose more viewers than they hope to gain for doing a “complete” story this time.

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