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  1. I dunno, Polimom – that critter looks pretty durn evil, if you ask me — and is that a knife in its left hand, or was it just thinking in universal sign language?
    What I want to know is: just what in Hell is a ‘hoax device’?

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  3. ROFLMAO!!!!

    Hope you got soft carpet on the floor, then – ‘cuz I am about to rename that category to “Le Weakly Garlic” or something like that and keep rolling. I could consider ANY post in that category as having a really large C&C alert on it…

  4. BTW, I was thinking of adding to that posting something like “If you manage to figure out the secret message, call your local (TLA for a particular gov’t agency) office and tell them what it is. Be sure to speak REAL LOUD and reeeeal sloooow so they will be sure and understand it.” — but decided I didn’t want my door kicked in at 2AM.

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