A penny saved is a nickel earned

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  1. Hmmmmmm, watch it now, you know Plastic is made from Oil; heck, a Plastic penny could be worth a DIME before we know it!

  2. This is one of those fascinating Washington tales; the debate’s been going on for years, and it can be summed up as West Virginia vs. Massachusetts.
    The metal for coins is largely mined in WV, home of Robert Byrd. A lot of money for paper comes from western Massachusetts, the home state of Ted Kennedy. Coins are better for WV. Paper is better for MA. Whenever talk of getting rid of paper dollars comes up (which I think would be a sensible move) the battle commences.

  3. I grew up in West Virginia and never heard of a nickle or copper mine in the State.
    I just checked and still couldn’t find one. The Nickle ( which is 75% copper) was originally minted from nickle mined in Pennsylvania.

  4. Actually, you wouldn’t ‘spend’ raw zinc – or copper, or nickel, or silver even. What you would do is to sell the metal to someone willing to buy it. Sort of like taking aluminum cans down to the recycle center (except, apparently, that melting down the coins is a criminal offense.)

  5. I’m looking for the source (but having a hectic couple of days) – I remember reading about it in the Washington Post a few years ago when the topic came up.

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