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  1. Polimom,
    I withheld a response to this post, so as to avoid becoming the Master of the Obvious, but here goes:
    Admittedly, the CW is as reflected in the Noonan piece, but I would argue that the revelation provided by the article is the part about the Clintons. I do however, disagree as to how and when the two sides of the political divide arrived at their current and publicly stated positions.
    The left has arguably been in public denial about the Clintons since at least 1992 and, certainly, for the last ten years. There were, IMO, three principal reasons for this looking away from reality: 1) They weren’t going to give the “VRWC” the satisfaction of being proved right about Bill ‘n Hill and 2); Bill did, after all, deliver the “goods” and gave all of the coalition members a “seat at the table.” The third reason is that as long as Hillary was seen as “inevitable”, nothing should be allowed, including the truth, to interfere with destiny.
    What’s changed? The most important thing is that Obama is now seen as a viable candidate. If there is an alternative to the Clintons and all that entails, people want to pursue this possibility.
    Secondly, Bill’s in trouble because he has exposed, for transparently self-serving purposes, the internal contradictions of the post-’68 Dem Party construct and has set these opposing forces against one another. He must be stopped before he does permanent damage.
    I would argue that the Republicans have frequently been much more public about their dissatisfaction with the prevaling power center of the party. The current President has been routinely criticized by prominent members of the national security realist and fiscal conservative wings of the party (i.e., Hagle, McCain). Also remember, Clinton didn’t so much win in 1992, as the republican electorate threw Bush I “under the bus” because he broke ranks with the fiscal conservatives and was seen as going wobbly on national security post-Gulf War I.

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