"Magical Negroes" and "un"reality

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  1. This is just… wierd. Can nobody find something relevant, like his stand on an issue (any issue… just pick one) to write about?

  2. David Ehrenstein is strange and is venturing beyond his usual field, the history of gays in Hollywood. This reads more like his usual writings: a film or literary review or an interview where he asks questions based on his unique philosophical view of art history.
    David and the Magic Negro, bah, piffle!

  3. My problem with the Wiki article came when I got to the examples. I was willing to go along with it until then. In movies especially, I don’t think it is so much that the characters are black and made subservient to a white protagonist, as much as it is that a story is written, and several of the main characters are white. Then either the author or editor, or someone who reviews it along the way brings up that there needs to be some diversity in the characters, so they make one of the secondary people black.

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