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  1. IMO Richardson is the only reasonable Dem in the race. Hillary is unacceptable and actually unelectable, to many negatives. Obama, don’t make me laugh, When Hillary is done with him he’ll wish he was back at his grandparents house in Hawaii.

  2. Roux — from what I know about Bill Richardson thus far, he’s tremendously well-qualified. I’m hoping his campaign gets some feet under it, so we / the country can hear more about him.

  3. Polimom,
    You and roux aren’t the only ones intrigued by Bill Richardson. Pajamas Media has been running a weekly poll of Democratic and Republican candidates (fortunately, the lists still fit on a single page!) for the last seven weeks. Bill Richardson consistently tops the Democratic list (40% overall this week; Barack Obama is second with 18%).
    While the Pajamas Media crowd is not exactly representative of the national electorate, lots of people seem to think Richardson is a serious contender. Me too, FWIW.
    FYI, Rudy Giuliani is consistently the leading Republican vote getter (30% of votes cast; Newt Gingrich is second with 18%).
    Anyone up for a ‘Rudy versus Bill’ Presidential election in 2008?

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