"McCain is Right" Ad: A Major Misfire

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  1. Good point. What is really interesting is that they included Obama’s mention of the specific comment – needing more responsibility, that earmarks have been abused, that US business taxes are high *on paper*. Making your point even more obvious.
    I’m beginning to think that Nov 5th we will all love McCain.

  2. Ginny — interesting that you mention the business tax interchange, because I think that’s actually a problem area for Obama.
    As it happens, I agree w/ McCain that the corporate tax rate is off-putting for businesses. Obama agrees that the rate is very high, qualifies it as “on paper, and then expands to say that there are so many loopholes, the rate is actually lower than that.
    But Obama also advocates closing the loopholes as part of his overall economic plan.  The specifics of this argument don’t serve Obama well at all, in the larger picture.

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