Merry Christmas — a verbal greeting card

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  1. Seems to me that sending a “happy holidays” card rather than a “Merry Christmas ” card to someone you know doesn’t celebrate Christmas is just good manners.
    I have one Jewish friend who has told me about how, as a kid, being the only Jewish kid around made this time of year kind of difficult. If I sent a Christmas card, I’d be reminding him of some unhappy memories – and I know that, so it would be plain rude.
    Another Jewish friend told me about his born-again neighbors. The first year they lived on his street they started talking to him about Christmas, and he cheerfully told them that he was Jewish and a little about his holiday celebrations. All very matter of fact – they shared what they had planned and so did he.
    The next year he got a card that said, “Happy Holidays!” He thought, well, that’s throughtful of them. Of course, the inside said something about celebrating the savior’s birth. (His reaction – “Well, they kind of get it, nice that they are trying.”)
    I’m ready for the whole insane “war on Christmas” nonsense to start any day now. Sigh. At least it’s holiday blog fodder.

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