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  1. I hate to say this, but maybe makeup is AC’s way of starting to experiment with being a grown-up — sort of like preening herself before leaving the next. How about, instead of flat-out banning it, you use this as an opportunity to teach her other important lessons (like no matter how much you dress up a steaming pile o’ poo, it still smells like… I’m sure you can think of other, related tales.
    Oh, yeah, and btw mine of course is a boy. Thank boB.

  2. Hi Ed! Nice to hear from you!
    Yes… this is certainly AC’s (and all her friends’) experimentation with being more grown up. OTOH, so was playing dress-up at 2, and raiding my shoes (last week?), and wanting to push her bedtime back. Some of those are occurring at the “normal” pace (normal being fairly wide in range), and some of those are occurring bizarrely early.

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