Monday's boycotts are a bad idea

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  1. Isnt it ironic that the very people who do not want these people here working illegally are up in arms when these people decide not to come to work for a day?
    Threats and boycotts don’t lead to good public policy. There is a vast middle of good ideas between laughable open borders and a nutty wall. Time for both extremes to take a few days off from work and let the grownups work out a solution.

  2. Walk out or no, left right or middle, something has to change. I agree with Mash let them take a day off so the grown ups can work something out.
    Taking 10 years to work throught the current process is a little extreme. I personally know people who are here now, working through the system and just keep getting the run aournd that it makes me sick. Maybe they should make the process more resonable. This probably wouldn’t be a problem now if process would of been re-worked with 9-11 instead of bloated.
    Just my $0.02.

  3. if they are here with illegal papers, how likely are the to show there hand and participate….thats insane….can’t imagine you will see alot come monday

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