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  1. Ok, so I haven’t yet read allthe links …..but this statement on Jon Swift’s post floors me: “As a singer, a mother and a die-hard supporter of President Bush and the Republican Party she has been an inspiration to young people.”
    Role model? Heaven help all the young girls out there if Britney is their role model!
    There is so much in that post that make my head hurt if it’s written in serioiusness. It isn’t —- is it?

  2. Where do you *find* this stuff?!? I almost had a C&C incident all over the keyboard when I read Jon Swift’s article – and if I had been at Cafe du Monde when it happened, I would have been mightily annoyed, believe me!

  3. Dunno – haven’t been there yet (but plan to go tomorrow.) But, no way in heck am I gonna take my Company-issued laptop into the Quarter. Too much hassle to get it replaced.

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