This game looks rigged to me!

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  1. EdT already told me we’re not allowed.

    I said THAT?!? More than likely it was along the lines of “you can’t”, which though similar is actually quite different from “you’re not allowed”. The latter indicates that you lack permission to do something, the former indicates you lack the ability to do it. I just can’t imagine ever telling Polimom she wasn’t allowed to do something 😉
    Actually, I am one of those in favor of term limits for Congresscritters, and rejoiced when it was passed back in the Era of Newt (for congresscritters, that is… Senators are supposed to be old and ossified.) Then, those darned Supremes had to go off and declare it unconstitutional, or something like that ;-(
    As far as Lott getting his “old” job back, I say who cares? His “insensitive” remarks were made at an event honoring an old (and I mean old) colleague at his retirement (or death, which for ossified Senators may well be one and the same), and the remark was a reference to the fact that the other had once run for President, and maybe shoulda won – think “dry run for a eulogy”, and it makes perfect sense – you never speak ill of the dead (especially not in NOLA, where they come back and cast voodoo spells on you.) After all, it isn’t as if Mr. Lott was a former member of the KKK, or drove the car carrying his date off a bridge and then left the scene, or profited from the sale of land he didn’t own, or was one of the ‘Keating Five’, or anything like that.

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