N Korea needs to wait in line like everybody else

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  1. They are waiting in line… the gas line. That’s why the missile isn’t fully fueled yet!
    Anyway, th whole situation reminds me of my two young cousins, who spent the weekend trying to outdo each other for attention: “Look at me!” “No, watch meeee!” “Hey, over here!”

  2. Yup – that’s exactly what it’s like. And today, there’s this:

    SEOUL, South Korea (AP) – North Korea said Wednesday it wants direct talks with the United States over its apparent plans to test-fire a long-range missile, a day after the country issued a bristling statement in which it declared its right to carry out the launch.

    Sound like anybody else in the news recently?

  3. If I were W, I would give them “direct talks” all right –
    “Hey there, ‘Dear Leader’ – if you don’t pull that goddam missile off the launch pad right now, and keep it off. we will make sure you never launch it – or anything else – ever again. If you even think of launching that ****er with a live warhead in our direction, I will have one of our ballistic-missile subs create a great big honkin’ crater right where you stand- and then I will send a pissed-off jarhead with a .45 to personally shoot you in the head.”

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