New Deal 2.0? Be careful there, Dems…

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  1. Generalissimo Roosevelt did a lot of apparently permanent damage to our nation. I guess we have to grudgingly thank him that we did not end up with total fascism, and total dictatorship, but how far were we really, with FOUR terms and a Supreme Court at least as cowed as the SCOTUS that served during the Lincoln administration?
    What would have transpired if Roosevelt had had another twenty years to live? Would he ever have been evicted from the oval office until his death?

  2. I hope that more undecideds will mull this over before going off the cliff with Obama and the Dem Congress.
    WPA type programs might well make sense for the reason you mention, Polimom- pairing the need for infrastructure repair and the need for job creation. Just do the program in a smart manner with oversight though…no Big Digs, please.

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