New Orleans and the Guard – it's a good thing

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  1. My brother-in-law lives on the north shore. He said the thugs are getting ready for the next storm by arming themselves to the teeth. The guys in black wiped a bunch of them out after Katrina but apparently they’ll be ready next time.
    Violent crime in and around NOLA is out of control and when the Nat’l Guard came all they thugs did was move to other places and wait until they leave.

  2. I’m very happy the Guard is here. Our carpentry shop is in the upper 9’th ward-Bywater- These streets are rough..but the Guard is helping to smooth it out. And these guys are trained..Most are M.P’s and a lot of them are Police Officers in civilian life. Plus they are so damn polite..unlike N.O.P.D, who would rather slam you on the hood of a police car and give you crap. N.O.P.D could learn a lesson from these guys.

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