The Corps continues its tradition of excellence in New Orleans

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  1. Clearly, the ACoE (pronouced with a short “C”, many things become clear) made its choice among the three options of “cheap, fast, good”.

    The warnings apparently came in the form of a 72-page “memo” (clearly, the definition of memo has changed):

    Yes, from the folks who gave us the 12-page spec for a chocolate chip cookie, we now get the 72-page memo. Or, maybe someone just “supersized” it.

    In the meantime, the Corps has paid MWI $4.5 million for six additional pumps and will use them to troubleshoot the defective ones

    And, the definition of insanity is…?

    “The design is no different. There is no reason to see any differences in performance than what we saw here today,” Bedey said Tuesday of the original 34 pumps.

    Unless, of course, there were defects introduced during the manufacture of the original pumps. But of course the ACoE certainly rejected that option without a second gave that option some serious thought.

  2. We saw how well tested those pumps were in January when a heavy evening’s rain flooded many steets of my city.
    Again we are told that its safe, that the Corps does quality work and we can believe what they say. This time we do not believe them.
    I am continually stunned that people outside on NOLA can see things like this in the news and ot demand accountability from those responsible. Sacramento has just been told by the Corps that 20 of its levees are dangerously unstable. Wonder how their pumps are faring?

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