Now Socialism is a racist code word?

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  1. Shucks, I didn’t know that Obama was a RUSSKIE!?
    See how easy it is to start a new Internet rumor 😉
    (Of course, there’s only one minor problem with this – Russia is where the Caucasus region is located, and folks from said region are called Caucasians, which in my parallel universe is synonymous with “white people”.)

  2. Interesting, Poli. I just posted a piece yesterday about the S-word. Wound up having to post another piece today about the N-word. I just thought the use of the word socialist was fear mongering, never considered it to be code for “black.” It just never occurred to me. As I said in yesterday’s post, “Good God. I have to keep up.”

  3. I think the accusation of “socialism” is stupid and inaccurate, as progressive taxation has been the law of the land for almost 100 years, and McCain also supported massive government intervention in the economy in the form of the Wall Street bailout.
    Racist statements are also stupid and inaccurate, but not every stupid and inaccurate statement is racist. (even if directed at a black person like Sen. Obama.)
    It is dangerous to cry wolf about racism, because racism is alive and well in this country, in spite of how far we have come from the days slavery and segregation, and crying wolf blinds us to real instances of it.

  4. Of course “socialism” isn’t a code word for black. It is, however, a code word for “sinister and un-American,” it was used quite liberally against civil rights activists, and it is being used by the McCain camp to suggest that Obama is just, you know, not really one of US. (It was also used for anything that conservatives didn’t like, so fluoridation of water was communist, etc.)
    So you’re right, but there’s also a more valid point there than you’re admitting.
    If Barack Obama is a “socialist,” so is Adam Smith, the intellectual father of capitalism, who endorsed that radical, socialist idea of progressive taxation.
    This whole campaign makes me relieved I don’t actually agree with McCain on much. It would be hard to vote for someone whose campaign has been so intellectually vacuous.

  5. John — a more valid point than I’m admitting? How about different than I was writing about altogether?
    Accusing Obama of being a socialist is certainly divisive, and also part of the ongoing attempt to make him “The Other” — a scary radical guy. It’s BS, and it’s wrong. But it’s an entirely different topic, John.
    When people randomly toss the race card onto the table, they de-legitimize the term. Crying wolf, if you will. If it’s not called out when it occurs, then it’ll be ignored in the future… when it’s real. Furthermore, putting a valid argument (i.e. they’re “Otherizing” him) together with a false argument (i.e. socialism is a racist term), diminishes the former.

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