Obama and Clinton: Into the illegal immigration pit

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  1. “Anybody who committed a crime in this country or in the country they came from has to be deported immediately, with no legal process.”

    Given that most political refugees are considered to have committed “crimes” in their country of origin (in some cases, simply trying to leave is considered a “crime”), I’l bet that doesn’t play well in Miami – or any other place with a large immigrant population and no Sheriff Arpaio.
    And, since her husband was found to have committed the crime of perjury – does that me he’s gone, too? Maybe we just discovered the truth…

  2. I don’t consider all ilegal immigrants crimminals because most of them work and send all their pay check to their families back at their homeland.Althogh I’m not saying that they’ re all the same way but we should think about them too .I think that what a canidate do is try to make a change for the good and not the bad.Also our economy can chage alot if they are not here. Some immigrants are being separeted from their families because they are not legal their is no such thing as being legal because immigrant are always going to be in the United States no matter what they build or do. Some people are hil;arious because they are hispanic and they don’t defend their race and I know that not all immigrants are crimminals.

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