Obama and PAYGO, Take 2

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  1. I actually don’t see these elements

    If we make investments now so that people have coverage, that we are preventing diseases, that will save on Medicare and Medicaid in the future.
    If we invest now in our young people and their ability to go to college, that will allow them to drive this economy into the 21st century.

    as being relevant in the context of PAYGO, because these sound to me like entitlement programs (which IIRC are excempt from PAYGO.)
    Certainly, the last sentence (the one about “not going to be able to go back to our profligate ways.”) would appear to not only fit your perception, but also could be interpreted in the way that Matt Stoller did (though that is based on what is implied rather than what was explicitly stated.)
    My question has more to do with how he intends to introduce this cultrure change and “ethic of responsibility”, and how he squares that his his notion of “investing” in various social/giveaway entitlement programs (which sound to me like a redux of Clinton-speak from the 90s.)

  2. Hey, Polimom!
    Kind of off topic here, but did you know that when one clicks on to your site, the text portion is simply blank until you scroll down what seems (to me) to be quite a long ways? I actually missed some of your posts because I thought there was something wrong with the site.

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