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  1. Joe Biden aside, Obama IS in fact clean-cut and articulate. One of his best qualities is that he hasn’t been corrupted by D.C. yet. Hopefully that will remain true. I like the 60 Minutes question even though it’s partially designed to showcase Obama’s courage for running. There is some risk to him, I think, although not what there has been in the past.

  2. I am a conservatve that voted twice for George Bush (and regrets it now) and I also llke what I am seeing in Barack Obama. Ive read a number of exerpts from his new book and it sounded incredily genuine. And trust me Im no touchy feely type. Its been a number of years since I voted for a Democrat. This is going to be an interesting race. But if he teams up with Hillary as a VP candidate then all bets are off.

  3. Ashley —
    I saw her opinion piece on Salon, (link) but hadn’t seen your link. Thanks for putting it here.
    That is, in fact, another awesome piece of this dialogue. What she’s writing about isn’t a rogue opinion; the issue is astoundingly complex… and people are talking about it! It’s great!
    Debra Dickerson’s view, though, really does require a full post. I have a lot of thoughts about it.

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  5. “that no matter how wide the gulf looks between left and right or red and blue or black and white, we all have a stake in this country. We’re all Americans who have shared values, dreams, and goals.” Not so. This country is as fractured as anything I’ve ever encountered. It resembles a saltine cracker after it’s been hit with a mallet. (not unlike the foundation of my house ha ha). If anything, I’ve come to recognize, particularly in the aftermath of Katrina/Rita and the gov’t’s inability to deal with those disasters, that the very fact of the gov’t’s failure is the proof of the fracturing in this society. Much more stress on this system and we’ll truly come to see that while a house divided can not stand, a house fractured goes down with only the hint of a whisper. The center will not hold.

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