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  2. I always thought this was a political gambit by the right that may have backfired. I still dont think a bill will get passed before November.
    My instincts tell me that even though the short term wedge issue may have failed, this may also be a part of a larger triangulation strategy to pull black votes away from the Democratic party. Whether that compensates for the loss in the Hispanic vote remains to be seen – I doubt it since the Hispanics are the fastest growing minority.
    In any case, this was a pretty vile, divisive ploy by the right, and a lot of similar divisive and downright condescending stuff came from the left as well. The suggestion that Mexicans will do work that no American will do is an insult to both Mexicans and Americans – not to mention that it is a tacit ok to create an economic underclass in the United States.
    pox on both houses on this one.

  4. Mash – I couldn’t agree more about the deliberate divisiveness. Evidently, the gap between the left and right just wasn’t wide enough yet.
    OTOH, I’m heartened by how many people, who recently have been blazing pretty hard from the wings, seem to see this as perhaps a road back toward intelligent discussion.
    Not sure about the triangulation theory, though. Have to put more thought into that one…

  5. One of the things I have heard in various (mostly conservative-leaning) media is that, originally, the intent was to make “illegal immigration” a misdemeanor, punishable by a maximum of 6 months in prison. However, an amendment was added to make it a felony offense, and this amendment was overwhelmingly passed – by Democrats (something like 190 of them voted for it)! If this is true, then the whole issue may be nothing more than an election-year setup.
    As far as the “assisting illegal immigrants is a felony” thing goes — several explanations have been made to the effect that this is aimed specifically at those who are transporting (smuggling) them into the USA, and that there is no intent to use it against churches and other groups providing humanitarian assistance. I say, if this is true then they can simply add the appropriate language into the bill, and eliminate the possibility of mis-interpretation.

  6. EdT – I’ve read the Democrats as more passive-aggressive on this, actually. In the House, it seems that the Republicans attempted to change or modify (or strip out?) the felony aspects, but Democrats wouldn’t allow it. (The Washington Post article, quoted above, has some details).
    Between this, though, and the article posted today at Polimom, Too, it becomes ever-more obvious that there’s some strange maneuvering going on…

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