Osama sick? or dead?

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  1. So, if OBL is alive, then we rag on the Bush Administration for not finding him: if he is dead, however, this is just as bad (if not worse) for the Bush Administration, because he then assumes the role of martyr/hero.
    I guess we could go back to what we did in the 90’s, which was tell our allies that we did not want them to turn him over to us, while sending million-$$$ cruise missiles to blow the snot out of a herd of camels and an aspirin factory, and allowing his operatives to blow up our buiildings/warships pretty much at will…
    Yes, Clinton tried… oh, how he tried

  2. Ed T —
    Umm… .. well, I suppose your first paragraph could be correct, but I didn’t say that. In fact, I said nothing about “if he’s alive”, and thought I said the opposite about if he has died — providing it can be confirmed.
    My personal opinion is that if he dies “naturally”, that’s the second-best-case scenario for the U.S. Best case would be catching him and locking him up forever.
    If we kill him, either by bomb, assassination, or execution, he’s martyred and a hero. If he’s dead but nobody proves it, he’s Robin Hood.
    None of which has anything whatsoever to do with Clinton. I am, however, glad he chewed on Wallace for a while. I’m bored blind by the character attacks.

  3. Polimom, did you see the entire interview of Bill Clinton by Chris Wallace? Where is the “character attacks”?
    That entire episode was so staged by Clinton. He’d been practicing his lines well after the ABC TV docudrama, which was closer to the truth than Moore’s so called “documentary” that the Dems praised and he admitted he made to influence the then upcoming presidential election. Former Pres. Clinton only took the interview on Fox, a network he has repeatedly refused to have a sit-down with, because the left-wingers think because Fox shows more than one side, they are Satan and here was his chance to prove it. He was so up-tight, however, looking for any opening to start his attacks that he jumped too soon.
    Wallace asked, “‘Did you do enough to connect the dots and go after Al Qaida?”
    And Clinton went off the deep end — way off the deep end.
    Where’s the attack on his character in the question that he took his cute to attack? Is that question any worse than what he hit First Lady Bush with?
    In Wallace’s third question to Laura Bush in his White House interview with her on his Sunday show, said Wallace: “As someone whose … approval ratings are double your husband’s, why do you think the American people are beginning to lose confidence in your husband?”
    To me it looks like he was much tougher on Ms. Bush that Mr. Clinton. But she didn’t go off on a rant like BOTH the Clintons have been shown to do. At the VERY LEAST it shows he treats all people pretty much the same on his program. In my opinion, a little to haughty and gruff but better than his dad did in his hayday.

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