Outing black people?

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  1. Pathetic? Probably. Surprising? Given the vitriolic outbursts of those such as Harry Belafonte (who have been very liberal with their use of Antebellum references when talking about Condi Rice, Colin Powell, and other high-profile African-Americans in the current administration), not all that much so.
    I just put it down to election-year BS (and I ain’t talking Ms. Streisand here) and blow it off.

  2. It’s no less a bullying tactic when carried out by Harry Belafonte; the black community has been doing similar things internally for years, and I abhor that, also.
    When it’s done to force political alignment, though, it looks very similar to the attacks on homosexuals. Even if I agreed that such idiocy was only due to election rhetoric (and in large part, it no doubt is), it’s really starting to get under my skin.

  3. Yeah, I could let it get under my skin, too – but to be honest, there isn’t a whole lot I can do to change other people’s behavior, so I have decided to try and expend my energy on things I might be able to affect.
    Of course, engaging in a good primal ranting from time to time is wonderfully cathartic, as is going out and blowing orange discs of clay to smithereens.

  4. You had to look up slavish? Doesn’t say much for you, but at least you did that. At any rate, “slavish” is an acceptable word in standard english. Etymologically (there’s another for you to look up), it doesn’t derive from black slavery, so I’m finding it hard to understand the outrage.

  5. What can I say, jpe. You’ve either caught me drooling on my keyboard, or it’s simply a word I don’t use. I’ll have to do some serious navel-gazing to determine which.
    Meanwhile, the evolution of slav to slave over a thousand years ago is interesting, but hardly germane.

  6. I’ve got to go with jpe here. Slavishly as a word has several possible meanings including deliberately imitative; lacking originality: a slavish reproduction.
    And how many times have Republicans described African Americans as being on the democrat plantation?
    Then again we are talking about the Steele campaign. The same campaign that made up the “attacked by flying oreo cookies” story out of thin air. It’s a safe bet they are quite easily offended.

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