Rod Serling, Save Us!

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  1. I blame Kermit as well. For years the CIA coup in Iran that overthrew a popular democratic ruler and installed a despot and his brutal secret police was held up as a model at the CIA. It inspired much of our more covert foreign policy. It also later brought about a new term – Blowback: a term coined by the CIA to denote the unintended consequences of covert actions and policies that were kept secret from the American public.
    The rise of leftist governments in Latin America, the creation of an Islamic militant state in Iran, and Al-Qaeda itself our examples of blowbacks from earlier American secret policies in their regions.
    In could also be argued that blowback is a natural consequence of developing an extremely powerful military-industrial-intelligence complex after WW2 to fight the Cold War or even a natural consequence of the world Empire creation we embarked upon in 1898.
    I put greater than 50/50 odds we attack Iran by the end of April, despite their being years away from a single nuclear weapon. Blowback will be too mild a term to describe the consequences.

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