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  1. Oops… wait a minute! “Pinhead” is spelled wrong.
    AC, you must now write, 100 times, in a blue Sharpie:
    “You people are all pinheads.”

  2. EdT — You’re cracking me up! (I’m so glad I posted this — it’s great to hear from you!)
    I’ll tell AC to come check the comments, and it may be that she’ll have a response of her own. But it’s exceedingly appropriate that a letter written by a student of the district in question should have a mis-spelling. (Just sayin’…)

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  4. Polimom – take a look at the posting I made this morning (it’s the one just above this comment), and if it is OK for me to display that photo inline with a link to the Flickr page, please let me know (a reply to this comment will suffice) – thanks!

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  6. Hello you are the pinhead for writting you people are pin-heads a thousand times nothing is going to happen it is witting in blue sharpie on white paper wow you saved the world by calling them pin-heads!!!! GOOD JOB!!

  7. oops my bad i didnt read all of the comments aspecialy the ones you did they are very intalectual.

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