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  1. Just as newspapers (the “traditional” media) depends on ad revenue for financial survival, so do the bloggers – especially the “A-List” ones, who have high costs for server space, bandwidth, etc. So, it is not unreasonable for them to feel they need – and deserve – a piece of the advertising spend. It’s called “capitalism”, and I guess it applies as much to hard-core leftie socialist wannabes as it does to their counterparts on the right.
    The idea that these “big names” were somehow unbiased is, and always has been, a bunch of bull… hooey.
    You (and I) can support our own blog habits, but then we are nowhere near the A-Listers in popularity (and monthly bandwidth costs.)

  2. Ed, if all they were after was advertising, then your point would be fine. But they’re talking about a tit for tat arrangement: we’ll spout your talking points and you make sure we get $ for it.
    Capitalism and propaganda aren’t mutually exclusive.

  3. In other words, it’s about the quid-pro-quo. Certainly this is an issue, and I find it mildly humorous that it is the left side of the blogosphere where this is emanating from (though I suspect that the right wingers will be hitting the GOP up for a cut of the action, if/when the GOP makes a comeback.)
    This is why I have always considered the source, when evaluating something I read, see, or hear.

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