Rebuilding New Orleans: they're doing the best they can

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  1. It is truly sad, because the folks in NOLA have a chance to show the rest of us how to do it (rebuilding after this type of disaster) right – and instead, they appear to be getting the shaft from almost every quarter. Unfortunately, I suspect the city’s past is coming back to bite it square on the butt – I have felt for some time that a lot of folks in that city would gladly cut off their nose to spite their face, so long as they felt they were sticking it to their political/culteral/social foes.
    Sometimes, when you do that, you end up drowning in your own blood.

  2. Blueshead —
    Yup — my alma mater smacked em good, didn’t they? Very fun!!!
    It’s a mess here… But we are working on getting spite of the crap
    I think that’s partly what’s getting lost for much of the country; people are working unbelievably hard in spite of all this. Somehow, that message is getting lost.

  3. Hurray for you and thanks. Nagin needs to go, and there is a move afoot to impeach him but that won’t actually happen. Great idea, but evidently can’t be done. Too bad. Meanwhile, contracts are being given out all over the place but it’s companies making the money, the millions and millions that the rest of America thinks the PEOPLE here are getting.
    Here’s a link to yet another huge problem: Bill Quigley: Why Is HUD Bulldozing Public Housing Apts in New Orleans When It’s Cheaper to Fix Them? | BuzzFlash
    This kind of thing is totally absurd, and don’t get me started on the car removal contracts or the new trash pickup plan.

  4. It’s in bad shape right now but there is money coming down the pipe. A lot of the slowness is due to using FEMA and Fed money to repair and rebuild. Gov
    t red tape is slow and since the state has to pay for part of the FEMA bill it has to go through Federal and then State paper work.
    NOLA will never come back like it was and IMO some areas need to be abandoned. Do not re-open the housing projects and shut down the ones that are open. If you have to live on public assistance you can’t live in NOLA. It is a place that is only for those who can support themselves.
    The crime is streaming out of the drug infested areas and will soon start hitting the tourists. The Nat’l guard and state police should not only remain but be increased.
    I go back every now and then to see the progress and there is some but the 9th ward and Lakeview still look pretty bad.

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