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  1. Now, what would be really cool is if they found out that Obama’s ancestor owned one of Al Sharpton’s ancestors (or something like that.)

  2. my father’s family owned slaves and fought for the confederacy. this is not uncommon, as anyone from the south will tell you. it does seem pretty naive to behave as though all the slave owning families simply stopped reproducing, secretly hoping that maybe their genes just went away. several generations later, what is the point in hiding it like it is scandalous? it was a different time – our ancestors cannot be held to our 21st century standards. duh, they’re dead.
    gotta love a scandal hungry public.

  3. Descentdent of slave owners here. I think there were two, both field hands. My grant uncle was also an overseers in the early 20th century on Stella Plantation, when things weren’t much better than in the previous century.
    What this has to do with anything is beyond me, unless somebody comes looking for reperations.
    What’s shocking to me is the number of people in this country who are not descended from apes, but apparently migrated here from some lush garden at the edge of the big flat disk, and where on a clear day you could lean over and see the giant turtle holding up the world.
    It may not be sensative to worry about these people, but I don’t know if I want somone in charge of the FAA who believes that airplanes are held in the air by the grace of God.

  4. My question is, does “pure” anything really exist and if so who would want it?Inbread to insanity…..I’m a hybread mutt, good and bad from all my lines.
    If there weren’t any mistakes in our past, what could we have learned?
    by the by, Hi

  5. I just think this whole thing is ridiculous.
    Is Barrack really black? Is he black enough? LOL Now we find his ancestors owned slaves…. LOL Who really cares. I certainly don’t……We just found out Mitt Romney’s grandad had 6 wives… who cares…..I don’t.
    What these men have done with their lives is more important to me.
    The fact that Barrack hasn’t done a whole lot is much more important than what his ancestors did.

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