Saints vs Texans

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  1. A lot of disappointment here in the New Orleans area – people aren’t really sure what to make of the lack of production compared to last year. I’m working halfway between BR and NO, so most people at work are much more interested in LSU right now.

  2. Well, I could have mentioned that, had DH managed to get hold of 7 more tickets, he would have scored more than the Saints did.
    But, I didn’t.

  3. Ahhhhh EdT — you’re cold cold cold!! LOL! I’ll have to come up with something really uplifting and empathetic when the Texans get bruised this coming weekend, just to show my very deep appreciation.
    Glenn — yup yup yup! I’m very happy about LSU also! Certainly something to feel good about, even with the Saints having reverted. (sigh…)    But I’m thinkin’ there’s still some pop left in the Saints season — won’t be a total fizzle….

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