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  1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a lab with a tail tucked under quite like that! I agree, getting her out and off the sidewalks sounds like a good idea. . . who knew?

  2. LOL!!!! Goldenrod, to me, those eyes are saying, “Mom, this really is not where I want to be right now…”.
    Pam — who knew indeed! I’ll have her back out there tomorrow, too, I think. It can only be good for her (as long as she doesn’t stumble across any cottonmouths…)
    Wimpy dog.

  3. Update: I took her back out to GBP this morning — she did MUCH much better! In fact, we were hiking for nearly 3 hrs, and I had her off the leash for most of that time.
    I guess there’s hope for her yet!

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