So who funded this idiocy?

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  1. I don’t know about the “event”, but apparently the woman, who is unemployed, is hoping to attract her own TV special. (Sometimes I hate it when I am right.)

  2. This story has been making me crazy for days. There have to have been some ethical issues w/that doctor for starters and three of her first six have health issues. People are so angry at her mother for saying “I’m outta here” but her parents lost THEIR house trying to help her w/the six she already had. The entire story is horrendous, and yes, the public money issue is a big one. However, the well being of these babies needs to be paramount and I just do not see how a woman who is clearly in need of psychiatric help (rather than fertility treatments, or the latest, possible plastic surgery) can possibly be a good parent to all these poor kids. That doc needs to have his license yanked IMHO.

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