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  1. all good stuff, though it would have been more admirable had it preceded her totally unsurprising viciousness.
    Evidently, “faggot” is worse than “raghead”.

    In fairness, many of us on the list condemned her for “raghead” at the time and, indeed, have sounded off against her over-the-top nonsense for years.

  2. Just imagine if she was an elected official. Or running for office. Imagine how loud the screams over the internet would be then, when it was about someone who mattered more in our government. On the other hand, she is more related to the election than Anna Nicole. Maybe everyone was just really ready for something new to write about.

  3. I’m curious – how would you characterize Farrakhan?
    He certainly doesn’t represent conservative, right, or mom and apple pie values.

  4. I like Ann but then again I get the joke. She’s going after the Breck Girl and the hollywood crowd in one line. FWIW it was a stupid remark that over shadowed the entire event. Not real smart Ann, just not real smart but she’s a big girl and can defend herself.
    As for Farrakan….. “Million Man March”

  5. Marc —
    I ran your link to John Hawkins’ post — and I have to tell you, this entire “yeah, but the other side is worse” meme is really getting pretty funny. BOTH sides do it, whether they’re using vulgar language, or taking the more literate high-road approach.
    I think that’s the biggest difference, overall, between the more extreme left and right: one wing tends to rave with vulgarity, while the other wing attempts to disguise their hate speech.
    Meanwhile — Coulter’s problem differs from that of bloggers in that she has this unfortunate tendency to make such statements at political functions that are supposedly representative of the conservative movement. She’s a loose cannon who has repeatedly blackened the eye of people like James Joyner (who commented above), for instance, because by association, she gives all the rest of the Republicans a really bad name.

  6. Re: Farrakhan — he’s a raving lunatic who has twisted a number of otherwise useful, and helpful, items into something unrecognizable.
    And he’s overtly racist to boot. I don’t know where one would categorize him, but it wouldn’t be “leftist” — nor prominent within that circle, even if one could place him there.

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  8. Michelle Malkin also had an interesting turn at CPAC. I just posted the entire video in which the filmmaker tries to get her to autograph a photo taken at a Japanese internment camp during WW2 and says he likes her book defending that course of action. She did, however, admit on camera that she had made some factual errors.
    Coulter. Oy.

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