The enemy of my enemy

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  1. Iran is close to financial colapse. 30% inflation and shortages of most goods is going to cause huge amounts of strife for the mad mullahs. They have been bribing the public with subsidised fuel prices but they can’t do that forever.
    All it will take is a push and they will fall.

  2. Ed T — sometimes… or maybe …. in the MidEast / SE Asia, it’s nearly impossible to distinguish friends and enemies in a clean, crisp way.
    If “my” enemy is Iran, and their enemy is Israel, though, then the enemy of my enemy is my friend… If “my” enemy is al Qaeda, and their enemy is Saudi Arabia, then the enemy of my enemy is again my friend. But if you start mixing those up?
    Bah! Madness!

  3. But, if my enemy is AQ, and Iran is AQ’s enemy, then Iran is my friend (“the enemy of my enemy is my friend”) – except that Iran is also our enemy…
    So, Iran is our friend… but Iran is our enemy…
    Not… Logical… Does… Not… Compute…

  4. I don’t really believe anything that comes for any official in the Middle East. If they wish to be our ally, there are positive public actions they could take to prove it, which don’t involve bombing any one, abandoning their religion or anything else that would embarrass them.

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