So you think we're ready for a black president…

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  1. It’s all, always about race isn’t it. I’ve concluded that racism is rapidly becoming the new bedrock upon which this society is being re-built. It’s the reason the question is asked, “is this country ready for a black president” rather than “is xyz a qualified and good candidate for the office of the presidency.” Considering the awsome lack of leadership ability, competence, and honest intention, demonstrated by the slate that runs for Presidency of the U.S., perhaps the question should be, “Is the world ready for the election of this particular brand of American Incompetence to be elected President of a Nuclear power?”

  2. Glide —
    What it should be, unfortunately (and obviously) is not what it is. Nor is it all about race for everyone.
    The problem (imho) isn’t that we’re re-setting with a new foundation, but that there’s a fault line in the original bedrock, and we’ve been trying to build on top of it.
    I’ve often read that racism is “dead”, and in many ways, there’s some truth to that. The US has made enormous progress in eradicating institutional / government-sponsored racism. I also think that the next generation of Americans will do much better with this than we have. AC (at age 10) and her friends (mostly young teens), for instance,  are consistently demonstrating nearly complete indifference to skin color or ethnic origin. That’s a hopeful sign.
    Unfortunately, it only takes one yahoo with a shotgun to kill someone.

  3. Well, I would also venture to say that there are areas of the country that aren’t ready for a woman, or a LGBT, or a Muslim president (heck, there is a particular bedroom community just west of Houston that I think would have real issues with that last one – maybe they would have to try and get their Friday Night Races on ESPN?)
    And, I suspect it will always be such – which is why I am still a fan of the Electoral College (realizing that this helps to reign in the sociopathic vote.)

  4. Unfortunately, it only takes one yahoo with a shotgun to kill someone.

    So, what would you do — establish special ‘quarantine camps’ where we could lock up those yahoos before they can do any harm? What about Muslims (after all, ‘everybody knows all Muslims are throat slitters and terrorists’), Jews (‘everybody knows they control the world economy’), Republicans (‘everybody knows they want to make their grandparents eat dog food’), Democrats (‘everybody knows they hate American and are traitors’)… need I go on?
    I thought not.
    So, what we are left with is a rule that says you don’t go around killin’ folks just because you don’t like them, and the assurance (such as there is) that if you break that rule, something you don’t like is gonna happen to you.

  5. When it happens they’ll get ready or get left behind, I expect. From where I’m sitting, the odds for a female or black president look pretty favorable at the moment.

  6. You forget how often that people are not voting for, but against the other guy. IF the opposing candidate to the black one is completely the common kind, then yeah, but if not and they are both a first time potential for something, who knows.

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