The best football game ever

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  1. I didn’t watch the game, but was glad to hear the Saints won.
    BTW, I was scheduled to go to Las Vegas for a conference (really), but when I found the same session was being offered in NOLA, I changed my plans. Partly because I can drive (I *hate* the hassle of dealing with flying!), partly because I want to see how NOLA has recovered (I will be taking my camera with me, and plan on doing some picture taking while there.)

  2. the game was truly awesome. my dad and i were up in the nosebleeds but that was where the best of the crowd was! thanks for still loving N.O. – we need more of you. and thanks for letting your blog be a post-Katrina info spot for us Algiers folk.

  3. Wasn’t it swell? Thinking of AC, who was it in the NOLA Blogosphere who said something about football games and “words we only say around Daddy”? There was not of *that* at Chez Folse last night. What was weird was going out on the porch after the game and the eerie silence. I think every single person was somewhere else (Dome, sports bar). I expected to hear people running out on their porch and giving a blood curdling rebel yell while hitting the car panic button. But it was just me.
    Weird. It look some of the edge off of the evening, but at least I was able to get to sleep. I think if we’d had a spontaneous block party, I’d just be getting up about right now.

  4. I was totally there in spirit, but Anti Em, I’m SOOOO jealous that you and your dad were there. I bet the adrenaline rush left you pretty dazed today.
    Funny about the silence, Mark. I was trying to figure out what percentage of the city must have been in the Dome last night. 1/4? 1/3? Mind-boggling, when one considers the proportions. Even accounting for the many people who travelled into town for the game, that was quite a show.
    NOLA needed that: hope, and a point around which everyone can rally, regardless of politics, rebuilding issues, or anything else.

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