Solomon carved up the baby; of course, it died…

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  1. Somehow, when I read about what has happened in the Delta region, I am reminded of the commercial that ended with:

    It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature.

    Unfortunately, there are other areas that are equally at risk (effectively, any coastal area that has seen a lot of development. Given that most people live fairly close to the coast, that covers a lot of territory.)

  2. This stretch of coastline had problems before Katrina. I wonder, with so much more erosion as a result of the storm, will Katrina have helped bring this issue up in importance or just up in terms of less time to deal with it?

  3. Jack — it appears to be some of both. The storm took out a big chunk of the wetlands, but there are a number of other factors coming together, too. The scientists are saying that they miscalculated how many years were left before the destruction was irreversable.
    They had thought there was enough time that they could get things turned around by mid-century if projects got underway. Now they’ve re-drawn/analyzed (in part due to the increased concern), and it seems there are only something like 10 years to get in front of this before it’s too late.
    10 years is an eyeblink.

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