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  1. I think Robinson made a mistake, or at least I couldn’t find evidence supporting that they weren’t eligible.
    Now, I could have made mistakes also, and I’m not finished looking into it, but…
    I first found the ZIP code, as a starting point, for the Lower Ninth. (70117) from the Greater NO Community Data Center. Then, looking at the flood map, for that ZIP, I noticed large areas appearantly labeled B, which require no insurance, ironically, because they are above base elevation and are “areas protected from floods by levees.” Was there any consideration of a break?
    Maybe my map reading is wrong, but what I suspect, as you mentioned is that there was a “false sense of security.” If you told me my flood risk is low, its not required, and I have to stretch my dollars as is, I’m forgoing it also.
    The new maps will kill those neighboorhoods, I’m guessing.

  2. Although I live in a so-called no flood zone here in Algiers (not “eligible”?), I have always had flood insurance. It just made sense to me, considering the geographic location of the city. We can do without a 2nd cell phone or eat out less frequently to pay the roughly 300.00 yearly premium. A small sacrifice for protecting your home.

  3. What many do not realize is that people in and around New Orleans purchased flood insurance because it was either required by their mortgage company or for rain water flooding. Everyone expected the levees to hold, except for the folks who were here for ‘Betsy’.

  4. I heard an “ineligible” story in November from Gulfport. A friend of mine’s sister lives there and when they bought their house, many years ago (it was paid for free and clear when the storm hit and leveled it) they had asked about flood insurance. According to her, they were told they could not buy it. I pressed, she said, “They were told they were not in a flood plain and were not allowed to buy flood insurance.” So they didn’t. Now the house is leveled, the homeowner’s gave them less than a third of what it was worth, blaming the majority of the damage on “flooding.” Could it be that when they bought the house, nearly 30 yrs ago, rules were different? Different insurance companies forbidding it? Maybe if not in a FEMA flood zone area, no coverage? I was confused too and still am, but it’s not the first or last time I’ve heard this story so there’s gotta be something to it. Where did the wheels fall off on this? The homeowner’s ignorance or frugality or were they lied to? I don’t know. It’s disturbing though.

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