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  1. Gee, here I was feeling all excited about having a random thousand people wander past my blog, and then I read this. Kind of took the wind out of my (very small) sails. Hmm… maybe I should lurk around here in the hopes of being #60,000, so I could guest post on a site where someone might actually read the random trash I write. Yesss… Interesting…

  2. Oops. I surely wasn’t trying to hurt feelings with this entry.
    ::hangs head::
    OTOH – I read some of your blog entries, and I’m thinkin’ it’d likely be a fun post if you are the (un)lucky hit.

  3. Nah, no hurt feelings at all. I’m actually amazed that anyone bothers to read what I post. Really I’m just in it to entertain my friends and mortify any of my family members who have to drop by. Anyway, if I *do* end up the (un)lucky visitor, please let me know. I’ll come up with something super bonus trashy to post.

  4. How fun! There are a number of people who are keeping tabs on the status of this post. I suspect that means there are a few who have something to say to the world… :>
    So – as an update: it is 9:10 am on Wednesday March 29 – and the last visitor was number 59,773.

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