They've lost their marbles!

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  1. This post, plus your previous one about bigoted Clinton voters, are excellent examples of what I, and, I suspect, many Clinton supporters find so offensive about Mr. Obama’s supporters, and that is their casual assumption of their own superiority and righteousness and the “craziness,” “stupidity,” and “bigotry” of anyone who dares to disagree with them. I have no quarrel with Sen. Obama. His policies and my candidate, Sen. Clinton’s policies are virually identical, except for his health care plan which is woefully inadequate in my opinion. I could support him if he is the candidate, but in order to do so, I will have to swallow hard to get past my abhorrence of his hubristic supporters who appear to believe that he can do no wrong and to question anything about him is a sign of racism. Reminds me of another recent candidate whose supporters believed he could do no wrong and that to question anything he said or did was treason. Hmmm…now who was that guy??? Oh, yeah. George W. Bush.

  2. Dorothy, thank you so much for this comment.
    I’ve seen many, many comments like yours out and about, and I hope you’ll engage with me about your feelings here… because I really, truly do not get it. You and I have commented on one another’s blogs for years, so I hope you’ll take my response in the honest way I’m intending it.
    I am not affiliated with a political party, and the partisan shenanigans in this primary campaign have absolutely reinforced my intense dislike of party politics. But if people choose to be Democrats or Republicans, it’s always been my assumption that they do so because they are behind a party’s platform.
    Thus, I find it silly to hear partisan supporters of candidates who are as similar as Clinton and Obama, policy-wise, saying they’ll stay home / vote for the Republican / if their candidate doesn’t win.
    Clearly their support of the party was pretty superficial.  Evidently, they aren’t particularly interested in policies.  Even allowing for the “beauty contest” nature of the Democratic primary, I find this breath-taking.
    The women I’m referring to in this post aren’t just saying they’ll stay home. They’re going to actively campaign against their party’s nominee. They plan to attack the party itself. .. and they’re absolutely clear about why: they wanted the woman.
    And that has nothing to do with racism. It has everything to do with tunnel-vision, and having become so tightly enmeshed with one’s candidate, there’s no perspective or rationality left.
    If an Obama supporter were to say that they’ll leave the party / actively work against Clinton because it had to be the black candidate dangit, I’d say that person had also lost their marbles.
    Where in that do you see hubris?

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