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  1. I couldn’t sleep last night, so read this, the post at Mod Voice AND the Reuters article. Then, thank you very much, I REALLY couldn’t sleep. While, yes, I absolutely would like to see the summer poll numbers, I’m afraid it didn’t surprise me much. But I was appalled and saddened not only that people would have thought tattooing and armbands, etc. were good ideas, but that ANY of them wouldn’t have seen the similarities between the Jews, the Japanese, Germans, and now, Muslims.
    Truly frightening and disheartening.
    Today I can blame the bags under my eyes on you, I guess.

  2. By all means, blame it on me. I’m used to taking responsibility for all problems (AC gives me lots of input on this!!!).
    Seriously, though — I was stunned when I read that Reuters piece.  If, as one of the commenters said at TMV, this is just the most recent bogeyman for some folks, then I’ve been amazingly lucky in my life to have not encountered them.
    They seem to reside online, though, in great numbers.

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  4. Why do you think we have the Bill of Rights in a democratic form of government? In part to protect us from when the majority of people have a dumb idea.
    I think educated people tend to isolate themselves inside a bubble somehow and just forget about how most people go about their day and how much news they spend time absorbing.

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