The AP exposes the dangerous polygamy gene

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  1. I don’t know, but I have weird feelings about the church that wouldn’t let my mother attend her granddaughter’s wedding. There’s something just too edgy and cultist about the CoJCoLTD. Would you vote for a Scientoligist for president? A Krishna? A leader of the church of the fellow who believes Katrina was steered to NOLA by the hand of god in direct retribution for Southern Decadence? A large portion of right leaning people of faith feel it’s fair game to question the morality and faith of people who disagree with the. We didn’t start the Uncivil War, but I intended to fight it out by the rules the opposition has established, until we win.

  2. His ancestors may have had nothing to do with his experience, politics, and positions on the issues, but they did have something to do with his current choice of religion. The “meaningful point” to this is going to be how Mitt defends some of the freakish practices of his Faith. How is being married to 12 women anything but freaky?

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