The British drawdown

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  1. I’m excited that someone finally feels there is a part of Iraq stable enough to let it be run by their own forces. For two years now it was mentioned at the end of a year that the new year would see OUR forces begin the withdrawing process.
    It bothers me some that while these other countries feel the job is done in some areas and they can reduce troop levels, they are not moving those forces to areas that still need help. Perhaps we turned them down and having more chiefs in these areas would just cancel out the benefits, but it looks like there is some area there that could still use their help.

  2. Actually, I’m more inclined to think that the coming push in Afghanistan is going to require far more active involvement than has thus been committed. The Taliban is not gearing up for a game of footsie this time around, and the British are over-extended (mostly, via budget).
    Yes, of course it’s being spun. OTOH, Basra ain’t Baghdad.

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