The coming health care tax proposal

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  1. I am a Benefits Director for a Fortune 500 company. President Bush’s proposal is exactly what is needed. It alone will not solve the health care cost crisis but it is a step in the right direction. Something must be done to transform the health care market from one where most rely on their employer for coverage to an individual market. This looks to me like it first of all will create a level playing field for the first time between individuals who buy their own coverage and those that get coverage through their employer. Second, if you begin to offer people a flat $15,000 dedcution if they buy individual coverage you are going to have lots of people say they would rather buy their own than be covered in an employer plan. Employers will quickly become irrelevant for health care which is the way it should be anyway. I don’t buy my clothing, autos or food through my employer why should I have to buy my health care through them?

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