The GOP says, "ObamaObamaObama"

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  1. Well, they have a pretty weak candidate, and they’re strategy is make Obama too scary so people will come out and vote for not-Obama. Problem is, if you win that way (and you can) you then have Pres. Not-Obama and a real challenge getting people behind the new president. I
    If McCain wins, I think there’s a strong chance of him being a one-termer, because Sen. Not-Obama might beat Sen. Obama, but it doesn’t work so well against anybody else.

  2. I think John’s on the right track. It appears that the GOP doesn’t really have a party platform (at least, not in the sense of the Contract with America), and so they are running against Sen. Obama.
    It will be interesting (more likely depressing) to see what happens after the conventions.
    And to think, several years ago Sen. McCain was deemed a maverick.

  3. Hahahahaha @ John!!!!
    Y’all have been amusing yourselves, I see, while I was off spending major $$ on AC. (What’s with this growing thing…???)
    On topic: I’ve been reading that the Republicans aren’t happy that John McCain hasn’t developed a clear strategy to attack Obama. I guess the model is what one sees at the GOP site. What a joke…

  4. Well after some convincing I finally convinced John McCain to ditch his advisors, shake up his staff and redirect his campaign. You saw just the beginning of the new message coming out today.
    Hopefully in the coming days you will see a new and envigorated McCain with a new strategy.
    Hint……….It does not include attacking Mr. Obama.

  5. For the most part I’ve been noticing that Repblicans are leaving their party off all advertising for them. Signs in my neighboorhood just say “Iwana Sueya for Mayor” or “Nodda Smarty – Good for the Kids” in Red, White and Blue!
    I think all they have to offer any more is finger pointing and fear mongering.
    Can someone please tell them the only real way to get converts is to offer a plan?

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