The need for change

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  1. “…we really can’t afford to continue on the current path.”
    And the nice thing is that, in no more than 2 years, we won’t. Because that is when W is out of office (thanks to term-limits placed in the Constitution), and somebody else is going to take over the helm.
    Now, as to what the level of change is that we will see, I guess it depends on who gets the job.

  2. For an interesting slant on the proper approach to the mid-term elections, see The Case for Staying Home. It might be the approach for ’08 as well. If we don’t give the talentless who will be elected in either year a mandate we can at least blunt the scope of their authority. If Katrina taught us anything it is that we’re better off without the bumbling boobs that are the Feds.

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