Tonight's wild debate

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  1. That Vodkapundit posting was a hoot!
    Also, I liked how Sen Obama responded to the question about whether Bill was indeed the nation’s first African-American president. No way a while Republican would have gotten away with that answer, though…

  2. Polimo,
    I, too, watched this debate. Best political theater since the 1988 VP debate between Bentsen and Quayle, IMHO.
    “Barack Obama has sooooo had it with Bill and Hillary making free and easy with him…” Hell, I’ve sooooo had it with Bill and Hillary making free and easy with us. I think that a lot of dems are beginning to feel this way..
    Yes, Barack is uncomfortable goin’ to the mat with Hillary, as I believe a lot of his campaign was premised on not having to pig-wrestle with the Clintons. He’s about three weeks late in recognizing that which needs to be done, but he can and, will, overcome his distaste for bareknuckle politics. He might even be good at it, methinks.
    Remember, Hillary and Bill believe that they can play gutter politics and reference the ethical shortcomings of their opponents without fear of a chapter and verse review of ‘1993-2001. Why would they now be held to the same standard as most other politicians?; it’s never happened before.

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